Accelerating access to cancer diagnosis through Stratos AI Diagnostic CamPill – comfortable, easy for patients to use; faster, more accurate for clinicians; easy to adopt for payer/providers.

What is Stratos AI?

Stratos AI is a spin-out company built on a 7-year long research partnership between the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Odense University Hospital (OUH) and includes leading international researchers and a strong partner setup.

Stratos AI delivers screening and diagnosis transformation through data and smart device services by providing AI-powered patient stratification and an innovative camera pill for full digestive tract analysis, which has already been tested on thousands of patients.

Problems and Pains

Bowel cancer is the 3rd most common cancer globally with significant recurrence and metastasis; est. 1.8m new cases in 2019.

Est. deaths by bowel cancer are 881.000 annually.

Payers/providers want an increased focus on cancer early detection, prevention - requires effective screening & analysis for earlier intervention.

Endoscopies are invasive, costly, and painful – many patients ignore screening invitations resulting in lower uptake and worse adherence.

The Healthcare sector doesn't have sufficient capacity to screen for bowel cancers, and can’t cope with peak loads; E.g. the COVID pandemic led to backlog growth for endoscopies +49% in the UK.

Primary colonoscopies, offered as screening procedures to general at-risk populations (over app. 50’s) have a low (10-50%) take-up depending on country (uncomfortable, inconvenient, clinical risk), are expensive, and require scarce clinical expertise to deliver and analyze.

Follow-up monitoring for patients that needed treatment is expensive and often not provided at sufficient frequency causing a rise in deaths.

As Digestive tract diseases, including cancers of the upper and lower bowel, are rising in prevalence in populations following a western lifestyle, early effective intervention has shown good outcomes in reducing patient mortality and surgical consequences but is yet to be utilized.

The CamPill device market, as an alternative to colonoscopy, is in the making and is dominated by only a few players, however, their products are limited in their clinical capabilities (lower bowel only) and are expensive due to requiring significant clinician time for manual image analysis.

The current solutions on the market do not address the insufficient clinical capacity issues and make no analyses of the pictures, and don’t gather/explore the data captured.

Stratos AI solutions build on clinical needs and cost-efficient health care service delivery.


Intelligent CamPill

  • Identifies multiple bowel diseases.

  • Higher detection rate of precursors of cancer than competitor devices – finds 35% more significant polyps.

  • Easier for patients than endoscopy, driving up adherence and enabling low-cost preventive screening.

  • Collects data for stratification, research, communication.

Artificial Intelligence Software (Data Asset)

  • Clinical- & market-driven AI development using a unique combination of technology expertise.

  • AI embedded in CamPill allows real-time, rapid diagnosis.

  • EPJ & foreign EHR database access improve diagnosis accuracy.

  • Data asset allows more successful follow-up and concurrent therapy.

Customer Business Case

  • Higher patient uptake, rapid results, higher accuracy.

  • Patient stratification means fewer patients have costly examinations.

  • Time savings – address challenges in screening capacity; efficient therapy planning and execution.

  • Costs less than DRG rate – makes adoption simple.

Stratos AI Diagnotic CamPill

A doctor inside

What exactly is the Stratos AI Diagnostic CamPill?

It is a camera pill for digestive tract analysis identifying several diseases including precursors to cancer. The pill is developed by leading AI, software, and hardware experts along with medical specialists from Danish Hospitals, and comes with a sophisticated on-the-go AI-based algorithm trained and tested on information from thousands of patients allowing real-time diagnostics, i.e.:

  • Real-time modification of AI-based algorithms depending on physician’s needs.

  • Real-time communication of important findings with a secure database featuring patient’s information.

  • Real-time localization of important findings inside the digestive tract to be used for future reference of physicians.

Using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, the Stratos AI Diagnostic CamPill offers:

Higher detection rate of cancer and precursors of cancer – better than stools screening combined with colonoscopy!

Sensitivity 99.8%, Specificity 99.6%

Detection without involvement of personel eliminates the human error factor and saves time and resources.

A more cost-efficient screening.

Diagnostics of several digestive tract diseases:

  • All neoplasia – also non – adenoma-adenocarcinomas like carcinoids, malignant melanoma, etc.

  • Diverticulitis.

  • All CIBD.

  • Vascular malformations.

  • Perhaps diverticula

  • Parasites.

  • Lipomas.

  • Hemorrhoids.

All this with less to no discomfort for the patient as it is a noninvasive procedure.

The immediate diagnosis enables in-depth examinations e.g.: colonoscopy without the patient having to fast again.

Clinical Results

Interested in additional information? Download a list of publications of clinical results.

The Team

Claus Duedal Pedersen


Chairman of Board,

Head of international infrastructure

Influential health tech visionary with 30 years of experience in healthcare economy, business development within IT, and medtech globally.

Gunnar Baastrup


Head of Clinical R&D

Professor Odense University Hospital, experienced international researcher within CO and CCE.

Peter T. Løkke

Head of QMS & regulative processes

More than 15 years senior experience in medtech, QMS, and regulative affairs.

Bettina Drefeld Eriksen


Experienced CEO in international scaling and turn arounds with smart technology and medtech.

Esmaeil Nadimi


Chairman of Advisory board for Engeneering

Professor Maersk Institute, experienced international researcher in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Kevin John Dean

Strategic Advisor

Former interim Director General IT, NHS & Non-Executive Director, Genomics England; Chair of two AI imaging start-ups in Scandinavia; Venture Partner, EMV Capital, UK; Adjunct Prof. Telehealth, Maersk Institute.

Trine Wenck von Wenckheim


Experienced in international scaling of supply chain and production for innovative technology companies.

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Bettina Drefeld Eriksen

Trine Wenck von Wenckheim

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